Newsletter of the District of Asia

 Apr - Sep 2002

10th Anniversary Photo Album



Fr Franz Schmidberger giving a conference

110. Fr. Franz Schmidberger, on a pastoral visit throughout the District of Asia, in March.
He is here giving a conference to the Bethanians.


First Doctrinal Session in Manila

111. First Doctrinal Session in Manila: Topics covered ranged from Latin as a living language,
to how to give the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius, to the Legion of Mary, the doctrine of the Mystical body by Fr Fahey and the Problems with the Liturgical Reform..
Bishop Manat can be seen from behind in the forefront on the left, he was the most distinguished participant.


Fr. Aurelito Cacho

112. Some of the priests were simply delighted with the true spirit of brotherhood.
Here, Fr. Aurelito Cacho.


Fr. Edwin Alphonse

113. Others, such as Fr. Edwin Alphonse, from India,
were very expressive in conveying their lectures!


Fr. Vachon

114. Fr. Vachon, stationned in Singapore and in charge of Sri Lanka,
was a attentive listener throughout the whole session!


Fr. John Nariai

115. In December, Fr. John Nariai, the first Japanese diocesean priest to return to Tradition
paid a most welcomed visit to the Manila Priory.


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