Priestly and Religious Communities
of Catholic Tradition

"Without monasteries, without the examples of the contemplative religious consecrated to the continual praise of God, the Church will never recover from the present crisis. In order to traverse this present crisis, there must be more monasteries, more souls willing to devote their whole life to prayer and intercession." (Archbishop Lefebvre)

"Upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, I have appointed guardsmen. All the day and all the night long, they will not hold their peace from praising the Name of the Lord." (Antiphon from the Benedictine Breviary)


Preface - by Archbishop Lefebvre

Vocations - by Fr William Doyle, S.J. (+1916) 

    About the author

  1. "Come, follow Me."
  2. What is a vocation?
  3. Signs of a vocation
  4. Motives for entering religion
  5. Should we encourage vocations
  6. Trying a vocation
  7. Deliberation
  8. Age for entering
  9. Importance of following a vocation
  10. Opposition
  11. Objections
  12. Advantages of religious life
  13. The harvest of souls
  14. An appeal
    Appendix 1 - Some Definitions and Notions
    Appendix 2 - Prayers relating to Vocations

Priestly and Religious Communities for Men

  1. Benedictine Monks (USA)
  2. Capuchins
  3.. Society of St. Pius X        (more on the Priesthood in the Society of Saint Pius X)
Society of St. Pius X Brothers
  4.. Society of the Transfiguration
  5. The Helpers of Christ the King

Religious Communities for Women

  1. Carmelites
  2. Benedictines
  3. Dominicans Contemplative Sisters
  4. Poor Clares
  5. Franciscan Sisters of the strict observance
  6. Dominicans Teaching Sisters of Brignolles
  7. Dominicans Teaching Sisters of Fanjeaux
  8. Dominican Sisters of Wanganui, New Zealand
  9. Franciscan Teaching Sisters of Christ the King, Kansas City
  10. The Disciples of the Cenacle
  11. Transfiguration Sisters
  12. Le Rafflay
  13. Precious Blood Sisters
  14. Consoling Sisters of the Sacred Heart
  15. The Sisters of the Helpers of Christ the King
  16. The Franciscan Sisters of the Perpetual Help of Mary
  17. The Sisters of the SSPX
  18. The Oblates of the SSPX

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