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 Apr - Sep 2002

10th Anniversary Photo Album



latin doctrinal session

116. In February, another priestly doctrinal session took place,
this time exclusively on Latin, as a living language.
6 hours per day of, and all the meals in, LATIN!


Orberg Living Latin

117. Part of the Orberg Living Latin method is to make the students memorize as much as possible
the stories of each chapter, which includes each time various points of grammar and a rich vocabulary.
This can be done by acting, as some of the priests are doing here (chapter 23 of the book)....


Jennifer, a pre-postulant with the Dominican Contemplatives Nuns

118. ...or by simply reciting the whole thing,
as Jennifer, one of our good Bethanians, did with the whole chapter 7 (104 lines!).
Jennifer is now in France as a pre-postulant with the Dominican Contemplatives Nuns.


members of the 2002 Doctrinal Session

119. The members of the 2002 Doctrinal Session, with Magister Christopher Brown (standing at the right),
seminarian Roy Dolotina on his way to Ecône after three years in Australia (front row, second from the left)
and a young Japanese visitor. Right behind Fr. Couture, can be seen Fr. Edgardo Suelo, a second diocesan priest who has joined the battle for the survival of Catholic Tradition in the Philippines.


The Apostles of Mary

120. The Apostles of Mary had their first National pilgrimage attended by nearly 100 youth. (May)
Los Cristeros de Manila


Brother Patrick

121. Brother Patrick -- or should we call him Brother Francis -- doing the apostolate of tarsiers (the smallest monkeys in the world) during a few days of rest in Bohol (May).


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