Newsletter of the District of Asia

 Apr - Sep 2002

10th Anniversary Photo Album



five Dominican sisters join tradition

68. In February, after 7 months visiting a Dominican convent near Roxas City, North of Iloilo
and offering them masses and conferences,
5 of their Sisters left to join Tradition, and our community in Manila.


Medical Mission

69. In March, we held our first Medical Mission in our own Barangay.
These missions are truly amazing with hundreds of patients cared for in a single afternoon.


end of Medical Mission

70. A devoted team of 20 - 25 doctors and as many assistants handle the Mission very professionally.
The photo here was taken at the end of the second mission, in Brgy. Pinagkaisahan.


apostolate of Medical Mission

71. These medical missions are of course good opportunities to do some apostolate!
as Fr. Hughes immediately understood.


medical association formed

72. With so many doctors, a medical association was formed.
Here Fr. Marie Dominique is seen conversing with three of the founding members.


Dr. Lee Verzosa

73. Dr. Lee Verzosa, Eye Laser Surgeon,
is the president of the Academy of Catholic Traditional Biomedical Ethics.

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