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Chapter 6

Application for Entrance into the Fraternity


First commitment.
Albano, 1.12.1981

Most Reverend Father,

With the consent of my Spiritual Director, I solicit that great grace to be able to enter the Priestly Society of St. Pius X, henceforth my new family, my heavenly family. This entry will be for me in a way the end of a noviciate which will have lasted four years, from the beginning of my parallel studies to go to the seminary, from the date also of the total disposition of myself to the service of the Priory of St. Francis de Sales and afterwards of the Oratory of St. Joseph.

This gift of my person by solemn promises, I was expecting with great desires for a long while.

United to the Heart of Jesus and of Mary and trusting in the help of St. Joseph, you can be assured, My Lord, of my total commitment to the Holy Roman Church within the Society.

Fiat Voluntas Dei
in aetemum!

Henry La Praz

+ Marcel Lefebvre

Father La Praz on the occasion of the First Holy Communion
of one of his nephews, in Crémières, 1992


Final and definitive commitment.

Father Henry La Praz
Foundation Rive-Neuve
Intensive Care
Villeneuve (VD)                                                                                    Villeneuve, 21.11.1992

Reverend Superior General,

Conscious of my radical inability to respect the letter of the Constitutions of the Society, but having always had the ardent desire to tend to it as perfectly as the state of my health allowed me, I humbly come to ask, freely and without constraint but with the heart and the soul enflamed for the mission of the Society and the salvation of souls, to be able to explicitly express publicly what my soul has always desired since December 8th, 1981 after a particular grace of prayer: To consecrate myself definitively on December 8th, 1992 in Ecône (God willing through a miracle of the Archbishop) in the Priestly Society of St. Pius X.

Fully submitted to your decision, I remain your generous but useless servant, priest and victim.

Henry La Praz

Franz Schmidberger

Father La Praz at a batism (1990)


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