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July 1997 No. 22

Semper Infideles (Unfaithful Forever)


A story appeared in the Italian newspaper Il Giornale, Feb., 18, 1996:

Condoms have been excused or absolved yet once again. In the wake of the French Church, the Portuguese Church has also declared itself in favor of the protection of sex against AIDS.


The “Dutch Church” followed suit:

The stand taken by the Portuguese came barely 24 hours after the public affirmations of a prince of the Church [i.e., a cardinal], the present Archbishop of Utrecht, Adrianus Simonis, who, for the first time, has admitted the licit or lawful nature of the use of protection against AIDS.

But enough of this. So many “Churches”: “French,” “Portuguese,” “Dutch”…instead of the one true Catholic Church in France, in Portugal, in the Netherlands, etc., together with just as many different “morals” (which are utterly immoral). It is no longer a question of “death rather than sin,” but, “sin, rather than death.”

It is also noteworthy that Msgr. Simonis was considered to be “conservative” in the ranks of the Dutch episcopacy. If such be the case with a “conservative” bishop, we can only imagine what it must be like with those “selling out” the Faith to the enemy.




(A letter addressed to SISINONO)

On the occasion of Pope John Paul’s last voyage in the Far East, and in the course of the choreographic spectacle of Holy Mass, in the presence of one million Philippine faithful, there was unfurled and held on center stage, by five young “patriot” priests, the red flag of that unspeakably vile Chinese Communist regime universally well-known for its present persecution of its own peaceful citizens. These young clerics (if, indeed, they be truly such!) have simply shown themselves to be traitors to the Faith by their oath of fidelity to Mao’s doctrine as well as by their repudiation of ecclesiastical unity with the Roman Catholic Church. Surprise!

These individuals were then welcomed and reinstated by right in the Church and then admitted to concelebrate with the Pope and the other priests who were also taking part in that mammoth meeting.

Faced with such a stupendous scandal, what will they say, those courageous priests and religious who, in order to remain faithful to Rome, have accepted imprisonment, or condemnation to forced labor camps, or exile, or even death itself at the hands of their Maoist persecutors? Those true Catholics, who are indeed the true Chinese patriots, must surely think that they have been betrayed by the very one whose duty it is, on the contrary, to praise and hold up as an example those victims’ heroism. Today’s faithful Chinese Catholics could not, of course, go to Manila, seeing that they are forced to worship in the underground Catholic Church at the cost of enormous sacrifices and under the threat of never-ending dangers.

If, at the time of the French Revolution (1789-1799), Pope Pius VI had also acted in this fashion with those priests who, in order to save their lives or to retain their freedom, recognized the “Civil Constitution of the Clergy” by means of an oath of loyalty to the rabidly anti-Catholic Jacobinical government and by thus separating themselves from Rome, would that have not constituted a solemn slap in the face to the great number of loyal, recusant priests who absolutely refused to utter that thereby to exile or to certain death by the guillotine?

But we can also ask ourselves other questions: By whom were these very young Chinese priests ordained? Obviously not by a bishop loyal to the (Roman Catholic) Church, but rather by a “patriot” bishop, or at best by some bishop himself ordained by yet another “patriot” bishop. This is also, strangely enough, the case with the schismatic Orthodox whose bishops and priests are now recognized as legitimate by today’s Conciliar Church, unlike others who, mind you, have been “excommunicated” for their heroic loyalty to the Church as well as to scared Tradition.

A Priest



Pope John Paul II and the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople,
Bartholomew I, in the Vatican Basilica of St. Peter, June 29, 1995.


(From SISINONO, July-August 1996)

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Courtesy of the Angelus Press, Kansas City, MO 64109
translated from the Italian
Fr. Du Chalard
Via Madonna degli Angeli, 14
Italia 00049 Velletri (Roma)

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