Apologia pro Marcel Lefebvre

by Michael Davies


Apologia pro Marcel LefebvreContents

Author's Introduction

1. Who is Marcel Lefebvre?

2. A New Apostolate

3. Archbishop Lefebvre in his Own Words

4. The Campaign Against Ecône

5. The Condemnation

6. The Credo Pilgimage

7. Rejection of the Appeals

8. The War of Attrition

9. The Consistory Allocution

10. The War of Attrition Continues

11. The Ordinations of 29 June 1976

12. The Suspension

13. The Mass at Lille

14. The Audience with Pope Paul VI

15. The October Condemnation

16. The End of a Momentous Year

Chronological Index


I. Saint Athanasius, the True Upholder of Tradition

II. The Right to Resist an Abuse of Power
     Part I. Robert Grosseteste: Pillar of the Papacy
     Part II. The Abuse of  Ecclesiastical Power

III. Vatican II More Important Than Nicea

IV. Archbishop Lefebvre and Religious Liberty

V. The Legal Background to the Erection and Alleged Suppression
     of the Society of Saint Pius X


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