Apologia pro Marcel Lefebvre

by Michael Davies

Volume One Volume two


Apologia pro Marcel Lefebvre


  Author's Introduction
  List of Books Cited  
  List of Abbreviations
I Lefebvre: Rebel or Restorer of the Roman Church?
II The Miracle of St. Nicholas du Chardonnet
III Letter to Friends and Benefactors (No. 12)
IV A Sermon Delivered by Archbishop Lefebvre
V Archbishop Lefebvre in Rome
VI The Mediation of Mgr. Stimpfle
VII Pope Paul's Response
VIII Ordinations at Ecône
IX Predictions of Excommunication
X Archbishop Lefebvre Visits North and South America
XI An Irony of History
XII Three Great Gifts of God-A Sermon by His Grace
XIII Letter to Friends and Benefactors (No. 13)
XIV The Case is Reopened
XV Archbishop Lefebvre Concerning Religious Liberty
XVI Archbishop Lefebvre Concerning the Mass
XVII Concerning Confirmation and Penance
XVIII Answers to More General Assertions
XIX Letter of Cardinal Seper to Archbishop Lefebvre
XX Letter of Archbishop Lefebvre to Cardinal Seper
XXI A Pilgrimage to Lourdes
XXII  An Invitation and a Warning
XXIII The 1978 Ordinations
XXIV The Death of Pope Paul VI
XXV Letter of Archbishop Lefebvre to Cardinal X
XXVI Letter to Friends and Benefactors (No. 15)
XXVII Letter of Archbishop Lefebvre to Several Cardinals
XXVIII  A Good Friend Dies
XXIX An Audience with Pope John Paul
XXX Further Correspondence with Cardinal Seper
XXXI Letter of Archbishop Lefebvre to the Pope
XXXII Archbishop Lefebvre Before the SCDF
XXXIII Further Correspondence with the Vatican
XXXIV The 1979 Ordinations
XXXV A Pilgrimage to Saint Mary's
XXXVI The Golden Jubilee
XXXVII Letter to Friends and Benefactors (No. 17) 
XXXVIII A Warning from Louis Salleron
XXXIX  Christ the King-A Sermon by His Grace
XL The New Mass and The Pope
XLI Three More Letters 
  Appendix-An Interview with Archbishop Lefebvre


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