Audio Conferences and Sermons

Fr. Daniel Couture
The Launching of the Rosary Crusade 15MB mp3 21 min.
As Requested by Bishop Fellay for the Holy Father and for the Liberation of Catholic Tradition: August 3, 2008

Opening your homes to the Sacred Heart:
100th anniversary of the ceremony of Enthronement: August 24, 2007
Given in Kuala Lumpur  29MB mp3 70 min.

Interview with Rose Hu in Tokyo  26MB mp3 63 min.
Her twenty-six years of imprisonment in China;,
How she found Tradition;
Membership in Third order of SSPX; How her experience dealing with Communist Regime
   helps her to deal with Modernist authority in the Church.

May 6, 2007

The Society of St. Pius X after the General Chapter 17MB mp3 80 min.
Loose Translation of Bishop Fellay's talk of October 14, 2006 in Villepreu, France
Given in New Zealand
October 2006

Mental Prayer 16MB mp3 80 min.
Given in New Zealand October 18, 2006

Address on Education 32MB mp3 80 min.
Given in Wanganui, New Zealand, October 16, 2006
to parents and teachers of St Anthony's Primary School and St Dominic's College

Conference from Pilgrimage of Reparation to Fatima
Part 1  22MB mp3 55 min.   Part 2  29MB mp3 31 min.
August 2005

Fr. Peter Scott

The Catechism of the Council of Trent and the Creed
    Part 1: What is Faith and Why is it Necessary    23MB mp3 64min,
    Part 2: The Existence and Unity of God   32MB mp3 90min,
    Part 3: The Existence and Nature of God   26MB mp3 110min,
    Part 4: The Attributes of God   37MB mp3 110min.
    Part 5: The Mystery of the Blessed Trinity (Part I)   37MB mp3 110min.
    Part 6: The Mystery of the Blessed Trinity (Part II)   38MB mp3 110min.
    Part 7: The Divine Omnipotence   35MB mp3 100min.
    Part 8: Creation (PartI)   41MB mp3 120min.
    Part 9: Creation (PartII)  and Divine Providence 42MB mp3 120min.
    Part 10: Angels  45MB mp3 120min.
    Part 11: The Physical Creation 38MB mp3 120min.
    Part 12: The Creation and Nature of Man  36MB mp3 100min.
    Part 13: Original Justice  37MB mp3 100min.
    Part 14: Original Sin I  36MB mp3 100min.
    Part 15: Original Sin II  37MB mp3 105min.
    Part 16: The Incarnation (Introduction)  41MB mp3 58min.
    Part 17: The Incarnate God II  36MB mp3 51min.
    Part 18: The Divinity of Christ  39MB mp3 55min.
    Part 19: The Humanity of Christ  39MB mp3 55min.
    Part 20: The Hypostatic Union  40MB mp3 57min.
    Part 21: The Hypostatic Union II  41MB mp3 58min.
    Part 22: Consequences of the Hypostatic Union   37MB mp3 52min.
    Part 23: The Kingship of Christ 33MB mp3 47min.
    Part 24
: Our Lord's Conception by the Holy Ghost 43MB mp3 60min.
    Part 25: The Nativity 38MB mp3 55min.
    Part 26: Suffered under Potius Pilate 25MB mp3 35min.
    Part 27: The Redemption 38MB mp3 54min.
    Part 28: The Redemption Part II 41MB mp3 57min.
    Part 29: Descent into Hell 37MB mp3 53min.
    Part 30: He Rose Again from the Dead 39MB mp3 55min.
    Part 31: The Ascension 37MB mp3 52min.
    Part 32: On the Right Hand of the Father 31MB mp3 46min
    Part 33: Sorry, not available
    Part 34: The_General_Judgement 42MB mp3 60min
    Part 35: The_Holy Ghost 32MB mp3 46min
    Part 36: The Church The Mystical Body of Christ 32MB mp3 46min
    Part 37: Membership in the Catholic Church 36MB mp3 53min
    Part 38: Outside the Church No salvation 37MB mp3 52min
    Part 39: The Marks of the Church - Unity   40MB mp3 57min
    Part 40: The Marks of the Church - Sanctity   38MB mp3 56min

Fr. Pagliarani

Study of the Scriptures

Moses and the Alamites 29MB mp3 72 min.
July 19, 2005
Moses and the Plagues
32MB mp3 77 min.
July 9, 2005
Exodus; Moses 34MB mp3 83 min.
May 30, 2005

Michael Davies

The Re-enthronement of Christ the King  24MB mp3 60 min.

Fr. Gaudray

The Life of Blessed Elisabeth of the Trinity Given at the Carmel of Spokane
Part 1: 18MB mp3 43min, Part 2: 18MB mp3 43min, Part 3: 14MB mp3 43min, Part 4: 18MB mp3 43min, Part 5: 17MB mp3 40min.

Weekly Sermons from St. Ignatius Retreat House, Los Gatos
Fr Alphonsus Marie (Fr A.), Fr Cooper (Fr C.), Fr de la Tour (Fr D.),
Fr Emily (Fr E.), Fr DeLallo (Fr L.), Fr Matthews (Fr M.) Fr Allesio (Fr O.)

Twenty Seventh Sun. after Pent. Fr C. St Gregory and St Elizabeth of Hungary 2.4MB mp3: 21min.
Twenty Fourth Sun. after Pent. Fr C. The Church Started Small Like a Mustard Seed 18MB mp3: 25min.
Feast of Christ the King Fr C. Our leaders should follow Christ the King 9MB mp3: 13min.
Twenty Third Sun. after Pent. Fr A. Communion of Saints and why Purgatory exists 14MB mp3: 23min.
Twenty First Sun. after Pent. Fr C. St. Raphael 15MB mp3: 21min.
Twentieth Sun. after Pentecost Fr M. What is a convent of Benedictine nuns? 22MB mp3: 31min.
Ninteenth Sun. after Pentecost Fr A. Working out our salvation 14MB mp3: 20min.
Sixteenth Sun. after Pentecost Fr E. St. Pius X 12MB mp3: 17min.
Fiftteenth Sun. after Pentecost Fr C. We should be resigned to the Will of God in all things. 8MB mp3: 12min.
Fourteenth Sun. after Pentecost Fr C. Gratitude for God's Providence 14MB mp3: 20min.
The Assumption Fr D. To desire heaven 7MB mp3: 10min.
Thirteenth Sun. after Pentecost Fr C. Giving thanks to God for all our benefits 14MB mp3: 20min.
Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost Fr C. Imitate Christ's Example of Doing Good to All 11MB mp3: 16min.
Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost Fr D. Confidence in Our Lord's Sacred Heart and Mercy 5MB mp3: 16min.
Eleventh Sun. after Pentecost Fr C.   10MB mp3: 14min.
Tenth Sunday after Pentecost Fr C. We are not independant; we rely on God 10MB mp3: 14min.
Tenth Sunday after Pentecost Fr A. What is grace: sanctifying grace and actual grace 27MB mp3: 14min.
Ninth Sunday after Pentecost Fr C. The danger of relying on a deathbed repentance 9.5MB mp3: 13min.
Eighth Sunday after Pentecost Fr A. On the sin of detraction 17MB mp3: 24min.
Seventh Sunday after Pentecost Fr C. Look at your own soul, don't just compare to others 12MB mp3: 17min.
Sixth Sunday after Pentecost Fr C. Having a personal committment to the Faith. 13MB mp3: 18min.
Fifth Sunday after Pentecost Fr D.   16MB mp3: 25min.
Fourth Sunday after Pentecost Fr A. Purity of Intention 15MB mp3: 21min.
Trinity Sunday Fr C.   14MB mp3: 17min.
Sunday after the Ascension Fr C. Preparing for Holy Communion 12MB mp3: 17min.
The Ascension Fr C. Preaching the Catholic Faith 12MB mp3: 17min.
Fifth Sunday after Easter Fr C. St Jospeh the Worker 6MB mp3: 9min.
Fourth Sunday after Easter   The Gifts of Hearing and Speech 9MB mp3: 13min.
Third Sunday after Easter Fr C. We need to suffer with Jesus to be with Him forever 9MB mp3: 13min.
Second Sunday after Easter Fr C. The Good Shepherd, salvation of souls and vocations 13.5MB mp3: 19min.
Easter Sunday Fr C.   13MB mp3: 19min.
Holy Thursday Fr C.   15MB mp3: 22min.
Fourth Sunday of Lent Fr C. Give freely of yourself to God 9MB mp3: 13min.
Third Sunday of Lent Fr L. Lent is time for ammending our lives 13MB mp3: 18min.
Second Sunday of Lent Fr O. The Transfiguration and lessons from it 5MB mp3: 7 min.
Third Sunday after Epiphany Fr C. Battlelines Drawn 19MB mp3: 26min.
Second Sunday after Epiphany Fr C. Preparing for Marriage 20MB mp3: 29min.
Holy Family Fr C. Matrimony 12MB mp3: 17min.
Holy Name of Jesus Fr D.   7.5MB mp3: 11min.
The Circumcision Fr D. Motive of Incarnation is Redemption 9MB mp3: 18min.
Christmas Day Fr C. Detatchment from the world 13MB mp3: 18min.
Fourth Sunday of Advent Fr C. Repentance for sin 4.3MB mp3: 11min.
Second Sunday of Advent Fr C. St. John the Baptist 18MB mp3: 20 min.
First Sunday of Advent Fr A. Death and Judgement 20MB mp3: 20 min.
Immaculate Conception Fr D. The Immaculate Conception of Mary 5.5MB mp3:14 min.
Our Lady of Guadalupe Fr C. Our Lady of Guadalupe 11MB mp3: 26 min.



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