Newsletter of the District of Asia

 Jan - June 2003

The SSPX 6th Medical Mission
in the Philippines

at Barangay Tatalon , Quezon City
Sunday April 6, 2003, Sunday, 2:00 -- 5:30 pm
organised by: Our Lady of Fatima Charity Clinic, Our Lady Of Victories Church,
2 Cannon Road, New Manila, QC through the help of Councilor Neneng Montilla

April 6th, Passion Sunday. Boxes and boxes of medicines, of rosaries and other blessed articles were hurriedly carried to the vehicles waiting outside Our Lady of Victories Church right after the 9am Sung Mass. The Cristeros and the Knights of Our Lady ran back and forth to get everything ready for the mission. It practically meant moving the whole clinic, Our Lady of Fatima Charity Clinic, to Barangay Tatalon, there to hold a free medical and dental mission.

As expected, a crowd of people eagerly awaited at the mission site. Tents were installed and the street was closed. After a quick lunch, all helpers resumed work, busy organizing the pharmacy, the medical, and the dental area. A few minutes before 2:00 pm, the priests, Frs. Vicente Griego and Santiago Hughes, came with the image of Our patroness, Our Lady of Fatima, who has been present at all medical missions since the very first in 1998. At 2:00 pm, a prayer was said, and the mission began.

The line of people never seemed to end. Young and old patiently waited for their turn, either to have a tooth pulled or find relief for an illness. Then they lined up at the pharmacy for their medicines, then to the priests’ table where each received a rosary and a holy card. It was not only a medical and dental mission, but a spiritual one as well.

It was a successful mission and we thank all the 12 medical doctors and 2 dentists who gave their time to help in this endeavor to help the less fortunate. Also noteworthy of our gratitude are the volunteer helpers, the Cristeros, the Knights of Our Lady, and the Bethanians, who worked continuously that afternoon. Some assisted at the dental area, others at the medical, but the most tiring task was that at the pharmacy, looking for the medicines in the multitude of boxes. And the work could have not been made easier without the help of a pharmacist who volunteered to help us. We thank her and all those who helped in whichever way. And we owe our gratitude to those who helped with the donations of medicines. We had more than 600 patients that day! (And the week after that mission, we held a free clinic at our church basement and we had 126 patients.)

This half-day mission that seemed one whole long day took in fact a whole month to prepare and organize. Follow-up calls, driving back and forth (we thank our driver too), visiting the site once in a while, meeting with the very industrious people who coordinated for us (Councilor Neneng Montilla and her staff), the daily evening visits to stores (Nestle was our favorite) to collect boxes to keep the medicines. We got about a hundred of them! Disappointments, discouragements and misunderstandings are on the list too. But of course, we should not miss out on the continual prayer we said for the success of this mission. We remember the panic when after the Sunday mass one volunteer was approached and asked to bring his car to transport the medicines when he broke the most horrifying news: his car had broken down that day. If there was anything that was always put to test in each activity like this one, it was our trust in Divine Providence. At that very moment, a family of parishioners let us borrow their van and thus saved the situation!

To all who helped and who prayed, thank you very much! We did not mention everybody’s names, but Our Lord knows you. May Our Lord and Our Lady bless you!

6th Mission accomplished! Deo gratias et Mariae!

Our heartfelt thanks goes to the pharmaceutical companies that helped in this event: Allied Pharmaceutical Labs; Am-Europharma Corporation; Boehringer Ingelheim; Euro Health Care Exponents, Inc.; Filadams Pharma, Inc.; Hizon Laboratories, Inc.; Medi-RX, Inc.; MultiCare; One Pharma Company, Inc.; Pharmaspec, N.A. Inc.; Vamsler Philippines, Inc.



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