Newsletter of the District of Asia

 Apr - Sep 2002

10th Anniversary Photo Album



Fr. Blute on his radio program

40. Engineer Fr. Blute has been able to use almost all his skills in the Missions.
Here he can be seen working on his radio program "Credo", which was aired weekly for 30 minutes.


Fr. Pinon celebrates golden jubilee at Our Lady of Victories Church

41. March 16, 1996 marked the golden jubilee of Rev. Fr. Manual Piñon, O.P
Denied by his superiors the right to celebrate this event with a Tridentine Mass in Santo Domingo,
the Dominican church in Manila, Fr Piñon decided to do it at Our Lady of Victories.
Fr. Piñon had been a student of Fr. Garrigou Lagrange O.P. in Rome. Afterwards for
many years he was the rector of the philosophy seminary in HongKong.


Fr. Morgan selects stone for main altar

42. Besides being a skilled carpenter Fr. Morgan unearthed his expertise in stone cutting.
Father visited the island of Romblon to select the stone for the main altar of Our Lady of Victories.


main altar of Our Lady of Victories

43. The altar's last polishing before ...


main altar put in place

44. ...being put in place and awaiting its consecration.

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