Newsletter of the District of Asia

 Apr - Sep 2002

10th Anniversary Photo Album



children  performing the Flores de Mayo on their knees

23. Teaching catechism is an essential part of the apostolate,
and there are innumerable opportunities to do so in these islands.
The number of children in our catechisms has often reached the 100 mark.
Here, the children are seen performing the Flores de Mayo on their knees. (May)


Fr. Schmidberger giving a conference in the unfinished church

24. November welcomed Fr. Franz Schmidberger, who in 1992, as the then Superior General,
launched the Philippines' new priory.
In November 1994, as the first Assistant of the recently elected Superior General, Bishop Fellay,
he happily came to strengthen the Manila faithful in their faith.
Here he is giving a conference in the unfinished church.


Fr. Schmidberger's conference in Iloilo

25. He also enlightened the Iloilo people on the tragedy of the crisis of the Church.
More than 500 people came to this conference in Iloilo.


Fr. Schmidberger gives press conference

26. Over the years, we have also used every opportunity to contact the media.
Fr. Schmidberger is a veteran in this apostolate. He gave this press conference in Iloilo.

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