Newsletter of the District of Asia

 July-August 1999

From the Archives...

July 14,1999:
A group picture of the community in the Philippines at the Manila priory garden.
Seated in front row are: [ L to R] : Bro. Ignatius, Frs. Salvador, Soliman,
Couture (superior), Onoda, Griego and Wailliez.
Behind: at left are the pre-seminarians; in the middle are the four Dominicans
and their postulant; and at right, the Bethanians.

At the Noviciate of the Oblates: left to right are
Sr. Maria Concepcion [Julieta Salazar], the Novice Mistress,
and Sr. Maria Victoria [Jinky Soliman] showing a picture of La Naval.

Dominican Contemplative novice Sr. Colombe [Marinela Montesclaros]

Filipino religious – Bro. Ignatius (“GM” Masangcay),
Fr. Santiago Hughes [a diocesan priest working with SSPX],
and the brave Dominican nuns who returned to Tradition. (pictures taken last April)

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