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 July-August 1999

Archbishop of Malines
On the validity of SSPX priests' administration of the sacraments

The following is the translation of the response (see the French electronic file copy transmitted to us by the Society’s priory in Belgium below) of His Eminence Cardinal Godfried Danneels, represented by M. Haelvoet, his secretary, upon an inquiry by a certain Mr. Y regarding the validity of his daughter’s marriage which was contracted in a Society’s Chapel in Belgium. He made this inquiry to inform the groom’s party (who were skeptical about the validity of the marriage of their son) that the sacrament of marriage, which his daughter and the groom received, is valid. Though it was commented that they are illicit, it is remarkable that an official in the Conciliar Church recognizes the validity of the “sacraments” given by the Society priests, including “marriage”.

Archbishopric of Malines - Bruxelles

Malines, April 2, 1996

Mr. [Y]

Dear Sir,

As His Eminence Cardinal Godfried Danneels is recovering from a serious surgical operation he underwent recently, he could not personally respond to your letter dated last March 27.

Here, in his name, is the state of the question regarding the delicate problem which you have proposed.

Msgr. Lefebvre and the bishops he ordained have been the object of an ecclesiastical sanction. The ordination of these bishops was not authorized by Rome. The priestly ordinations conferred by Msgr. Lefebvre, were valid as well as the sacraments these priests administer, including marriage. But, obviously, as there is a rupture with Rome, these ordinations and sacraments are not licit.

Concretely, I think, warn your daughter, but do not have a dispute with her. Ask the Lord that the day comes when we will see the end of this recent laceration within the Church of Christ.

Wishing you a Holy and Joyful Easter, dear sir, and be assured of my cordial sentiments in Christ,


(sgd) M. HAELVOET, Secretary

Wollemarke 15, B-2800 Mechelen – Tel. (015) 216501 – Fax. (015) 209485

Archevêché de Malines-Bruxelles

Malines, le 2 Avril 1996.

Monsieur [Y]


Cher Monsieur,

Le Cardinal Godfried Danneels se remettant d’une intervention chirurgicale sérieuse subie

recemment, ne peut pas répondre personnellement à votre lettre du 27 mars dernier.

Voici, en son nom, l’état de la question dans le problème délicat que vous abordez.

Monseigneur Lefebvre et les évêques  ordonnés par lui, ont été l’objet d’une sanction ecclésiastique. L’ordination de ces évêques, n’avait pas été autorisée par Rome. Les ordinations sacerdotales conférées par Monseigneur Lefebvre, étaient valides et valides aussi les sacrements que ces prêtres administrent, y compris le mariage. Mais évidemment, comme il y a rupture avec Rome, ordinations et sacrements ne sont pas li-cites.

Concrètement, je pense, mettez en garde votre fille, mais ne vous disputez pas avec elle. Et priez le Seigneur qu’un jour voie la fin de cette déchirure récente dans l’Église du Christ.

Saintes et joyeuses Pâques, Cher Monsieur, et soyez assuré de mes sentiments cordiaux dans le Christ,

[sgd] M. HAELVOET, Secretaire.

Wollermarke 15, B-2800 Mechelen - Tel. (015) 216501 - Fax. (015) 209485

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