Newsletter of the District of Asia

 August - September 1998


Allow me to be very short as this Newsletter wishes to catch up on news.  You should find in the following pages a fairly good idea of what has happened and is happening in these wonderful islands since July. Our efforts to restore all things in Our Lord Jesus Christ, even at the social level (the Consecrations to the Immaculate Heart of Mary), are unfortunately, shall we say, not supported by the Hierarchy of the Church.  Since the beginning of September, the Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines has been very vocal against our presence on the various islands.  But we continue.  “The soldiers will fight, and God will give the victory!” (St Joan of Arc)

I wish to thank as a whole (after having done it individually whenever possible) all those who contributed to our Land Fund Raising scheme (last May-June) for the acquisition of the property next to our church. The response was indeed very generous.  However it was still “miles away’ from the asking price.  Instead of pursuing this issue, we decided to relocate our four Dominican Sisters to better rented quarters (which make in fact a very nice little convent) and we are considering acquiring a property, at an affordable price, near our future seminary, in Santa Barbara, on the island of Panay.

Finally, you will notice the new assignments of our priests, partly due to our Superior General re-assigning priests over the summer months, partly due to visa problems, especially here in Asia.

Assuring you of our daily remembrance at the Altar of the Sacrifice, we count on your spiritual support, your Aves, for the Missions of Asia!

God bless you!


Romanly yours in Jesus and Mary,
Fr. Daniel Couture
District Superior



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