Newsletter of the District of Asia

 April - May 1998

The Academy of Catholic Traditional Biomedical Ethics

On Saturday, March 7, 1998, feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, there was founded in the priory of the Society of St. Pius X, Our Lady of Victories Church, Quezon City, the Academy of Catholics Traditional Biomedical Ethics, (ACT-Biomedical Ethics) under the patronage of St. Martin de Porres.

The objectives of this Academy are:

1. To help the members of the medical profession (doctors, dentists, nurses, etc.) to know in depth the traditional teachings of the Church on medical issues and problems.

2. To think and bond the traditional members of the medical profession.

3. To participate in the mission of the Society by an apostolate towards members of the medical profession who are not Traditional Catholics.

4. To fight the degradation and corruption in the field of medicine and morals by our influence in the medical profession and by means of mass media when possible.

The following activities of the academy will be held every three months:

1. A Medical mission organized by the Society of St. Pius X

2. Meetings to study the traditional doctrines of the Church on problematic issues in the medical field. Meetings will begin with the Mass, then a potluck dinner, after which a conference will be given by a priest of the priory and sometimes by doctors on a chosen medical issue.

For these activities of the Academy, members of the medical profession who are not traditional Catholics are encouraged to participate.

The first meeting of the Academy will be on June the 13th (Saturday) at Notre Dame St, Wack Wack Village at the home of Dr. Ralph Vâlenzuela.

The program will be: 6:00 PM

- Mass 7:00 PM

-Potluck Dinner 7:30 PM

-Conference: In order to help the speaker, you are encouraged to send questions you have about euthanasia to the priory. You may invite members of the medical field who are not traditional Catholics. The meetings will be reserved to the members of the medical profession. We pray for all your intentions.

Fr. Daniel Couture
SSPX, District of Asia
Lee G. Verzosa, M.D.
ACT-Biomedical Ethics

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