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 April - May 1998

Note: We reprint here the article which appeared in the Feb. - March 1998 Newsletter about these consecrations in order to intensify this campaign. In the actual text of the prayer, one must choose the appropriate words where needed.

A Campaign for the Consecrations of
Countries, Cities, Barangays and Companies
to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

"All generations shall call me blessed. " (Lk. I, 48) "God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. " "If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be PEACE..." (Our Lady of Fatima, October 13, 1917)

The great design of God for our century, His irrevocable decision, is to make the Immaculate Heart of His Most Holy Mother loved, praised and glorified by all souls and by all nations as well. To this Immaculate Heart, God has entrusted incomparable treasures of grace to be poured on all Christendom, because He wishes Her to receive a solemn, official and public veneration everywhere, and because He wills that She reigns in truth over the Church and over all peoples. One word is enough to call to mind all the benefits of the temporal order: peace. In His love for Her and His eternal decree to make Her Mediatrix of all graces and dispenser of all good things, the Holy Trinity wishes to make Her, in our century, the source and the unique custodian of the gift of peace, to whom we must have recourse.

"I want you to continue reciting the Rosary every day in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary to obtain peace in the world ... because only She can help you." (Our Lady of Fatima, July 13, 1917)

A visible and historical proof of the power of this consecration: Portugal

On May 13, 1931, after the favorable enquiry on the apparitions of Fatima (1917), the Cardinal, Archbishops and Bishops of Portugal solemnly consecrated Portugal to the Immaculate Heart in front of a crowd of 300,000 people.

On May 13, 1942, Cardinal Cerejeira attributed to the protection of Our Lady of Fatima the triple miracle taking place in Portugal in the eyes of the whole world: firstly a miracle of conversion by an admirable Catholic renaissance; secondly, a miracle of political and social renewal, and thirdly, a miracle of peace, since Portugal was preserved from the communist terror of the Spanish Civil War as well as from the Second World War.

On February 5, 1939, seven months before the declaration of war, Sister Lucy wrote to her bishop that "in this horrible war, Portugal would be spared becaused of the national consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary made by the bishops."

What is required of each of us in this consecration to
Our Lady?

To consecrate (that is to put under Her protection, Her care) each of us individually first of all, but also to consecrate whomever and whatever is under our jurisdiction, our families, our companies, our parishes, our barangays, our cities, our nation.

What is at stake is too precious to neglect such simple means offered by Heaven for our own good. At the social level, much good can be obtained by the wise decisions and firm measures of our leaders. However, the evils afflicting our societies are so deep that any measure at the natural level can only be supeficial and temporary. Supernatural help is needed for a profound and lasting change in people's hearts and at the social level. This is what is offered?by God through this easy and simple consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Peace of hearts, and social peace.

"Most Holy Father, Our Lord promises a special protection to our country in this war, due to the consecration of the nation, by the Portuguese Prelates, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary; as proof of the graces that would have been granted to other nations, had they also consecrated themselves to Her. " (Sister Lucy to Pope Pius Xll, December 2, 1940)

"In the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph."
(Our Lady of Fatima, July 13, 1917)

Consecration of Country, City, Barangay or Company to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Queen of the Most Holy Rosary and tender Mother of men, to fulfill the desires of the Sacred Heart and the request of the Vicar of your Son on earth, we [who have been elected President/Governor/Mayor/Barangay Captain]* solemnly consecrate ourselves and our (Country/Province/City/Barangay/Company) to your Immaculate Heart. Take it from our fragile hands into your own, defend it and guard it as your property; make Jesus reign, conquer and rule in it. Outside of Him there is no salvation.

Intercede for our (Country/Province/City/Barangay/Company) and our nation, O Our Lady, in this troubled hour when the unclean waves of an open immorality, which has even lost the notion of sin, exalt the flesh in the face of the very Cross of your Son, threatening to choke in this world the lily of virtue nourished by the Eucharistic Blood of Jesus. Virgin most powerful, pray for us.

Intercede for our (Country /Province/City/Barangay/Company), O Mediatrix of graces, when uncontrolled passions threaten the peace of civilisation founded on the the teaching of your Son, deceiving minds, perverting hearts and lighting the fire of hatred and revolution in our society. Help of Christians, pray for us!

Save us, O Immaculate Heart of Mary, from the spreading flood of modern paganism, kindle in our hearts and homes the love of the Commandments, the practice of the Christian life and an ardent zeal for souls and for the holiness of family life.

Unite us all, O Virgin Mary, around your Son, in the love of the Church and in respect for order and fraternal charity. Queen of Peace, pray for us!

We come with confidence to you, O Throne of Grace and Mother of Fair Love inflame us with the same divine fire which has inflamed your own Immaculate Heart.

Make our hearts, our homes, our (Country/Province/City/Barangay/Company) your shrine, and through us make the Heart of Jesus rule and triumph in our Barangay, in every family and in our whole nation. Amen.

*Note: For the consecration of companies and businesses, omit the words in { }.

List of those who have consecrated their City or Barangay to the Immaculate Heart of Mary at Our Lady of Victories Church, New Manila

Quezon City (pop. 2.2 million) by Mayor Mel Mathay, March 1, 1998.

Barangay Aguho, Pateros, by Brgy Captain, on April 5, 1998.

Barangay Arenas Arayat, Pampanga, by Brgy Captain Bernardo C. Sarmiento, on March 28, 1998 (in Pampanga).

Barangay Masagana, Manila, by Brgy Captain Dionisia Mc Reyes, on March 22, 1998.

Barangay Balantang, Jaro, Panay, by Brgy Captain Jerel B. Agules, on March 15, 1998 (in Iloilo).

Barangay San Rafael, Manila, by Brgy Captain Precila B. Ramiez, March 8, 1998.

Barangay Camutan Norte, Leganes, Panay,.by Brgy Captain, on March 1, 1998.

Barangay St. Martin de Porres, Cubao, by Brgy Captain, on Feb. 8, 1998.

Barangay Immaculate Conception, New Manila, by Brgy Captain Nenuka M. Chua Go, on February 1, 1998.

Barangay Pinagkaisahan, New Manila, by Brgy Captain Vivian Quitiquit, on January 25, 1998.

Barangay Mariana, New Manila, by Brgy Captain Bong San Miguel on January 18, 1998.

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