Todo - Nada

Chapter 11

Testimony of a Layman


We often hear: “It is through Father La Praz that I have received such and such a grace…”

Is that not the best way to express one’s veneration, respect, gratitude towards this exceptional priest! From his whole being flowed radiant spiritual strength to all who have had the privilege to see him often.

With resignation, without complaining, without murmuring and even in thanking Heaven, he faced physical and moral sufferings almost unbearable without a great Faith and the help of Providence.

To those who asked him news of his health, he would answer with a gentle smile: “Souls are so dear!”

I cannot recall his memory without emotion. We were bound by a friendship which I cannot describe, intense friendship and a source of profound joy. Such a friendship is such a rare thing that it can only flow from the Divine Goodness. Each meeting – and they were many – with the friend or the priest, was always a moment of happiness. In his presence, just as in leaving him, one always felt better than before.

Now that he is with the Eternal Father, he is, it is certain, even more attentive to our pains, our sufferings and our aspirations.

Gratien Rausis


Chapter 10

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