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November 1998 No. 29


Fr. Guérard des Lauriers was a Dominican theologian asked by Anchbishop Lefevre to be one of the professors at Ecône in the early 70’s. In the mid-70’s, he developed his theory distinguishing between “a material pope and a formal pope.” Archbishop Lefebvre strictly forbade him to teach this theory. In a retreat which he preached to the seminarians at Ecône (Sept., 1977) he defied the Archbishop and taught it anyway. Archbishop Lefebvre expelled him as a professor at Ecône.

In 1981, he was dubiously consecrated "bishop" by the aging Bishop Ngo Di Thuc in a secret ceremony, and has since died.

Fr. Olivier De Blignières and Fr. Bernard Lucien were seminarians at Ecône in the early 70's.

Fr. de Blignières left the Society of Saint Pius X as a seminarian and was ordained by Archbishop Lefebvre in 1977 under the condition of remaining under obedience to Dom Gérard (of Le Barroux), who at the time was both fully traditional and supportive of the Society of Saint Pius X. But he later violated this condition, and in 1979 started a religious community on his own, modeled after the Dominican life. This community was openly sedevacantist from the beginning. For that reason, Archbishop Lefebvre always refused to ordain the members of that community, even though it celebrated the Latin Mass.

Fr. de Blignières pretended to "prove" that the Pope was not Pope because of the "contradiction" between the teachings of Vatican II (especially on the issue of religious liberty) and the encyclical Quanta Cura of Pope Pius IX. In 1987, Fr. de Blignières made a flip-flop, and announced that there was no direct contradiction between the two and therefore the Pope was Pope, that one was not entitled to resist him, and Archbishop Lefebvre should not perform the consecrations of bishops (1988).

After the issuance of the motu proprio Ecclesia Dei following upon those consecrations, Fr. de Blignières sought to put himself under the Ecclesia Dei commission. His community was officially recognized under the name of the Society of St. Vincent Ferrer. Numbering about a dozen members (1979) when Fr. de Blignières started his group, they have not grown either before or after his flip-flop. Fr. de Blignières has published an essay defending the Religious Liberty of Vatican II.

Fr. Lucien was ordained in 1978 in the Society of Saint Pius X but in 1979 he was forced to quit the Society because of his sedevacantism, and became "vagus" [a wandering priest]. He too made a flip-flop a few years after Fr. De, and is now a member of the Priests of Christ the King of Mgr. Wach, essentially an "Indult" group.-Ed.


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Courtesy of the Angelus Press, Kansas City, MO 64109
translated from the Italian
Fr. Du Chalard
Via Madonna degli Angeli, 14
Italia 00049 Velletri (Roma)

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