Apologia pro Marcel Lefebvre
Part II
Additional Documentation

  Two Conferences by Cardinal Wojtyla
  Real and Apparent Disobedience
  The 1983 Code of Canon Law
  The Ratzinger Report
  Four Non-Catholic "Episcopal Consecrations"


May 13:
  Archbishop May to Join in Hindu Jubilee
June 2:
  Rome and the “Reconciliation”
  Reports from the Media
June 19:
  A Statement by Archbishop Lefebvre
  Canonical Considerations Regarding Episcopal Consecrations 
June 30:
  Programs for Priestless Sundays
July 3:
  Extracts from The Letter of Mother Anne Marie Simoulin
     to Msgr. Jacques Despierre, Bishop of Carcassonne
July 9:
  The Roman Commission
July 13:
  Some Lessons to Be Learned from the Lefebvre Schism
July 18:
  Declaration of the German-speaking Superiors
      of the Society of Saint Pius X Regarding the
      Treatment of Archbishop Lefebvre
July 25:
  Letter of Cardinals Ratzinger and Mayer
       to Dom Gérard Calvet
July 28:
  Creation of the Society of Saint Peter
August 18:
  Declaration of Dom Gérard
October 1989:
  Cardinal Mayer’s Interview in 30 Days Magazine
August 24:
  Declaration of Dom Tomás Aquino
August 25:
  “Some Simple Reflections Which We Make Without Bitterness”
  Tragedy at Ecône
  The Strategy of “Rehabilitation” Unveiled by Cardinal Decourtray
  Interview of Archbishop Lefebvre


September 2: 
  Letter of Fr. Joseph Bisig to an Australian Faithful


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