Archbishop LEFEBVRE and the VATICAN

February 15, 1988

Letter of Cardinal Gagnon
to Archbishop Lefebvre

Very Dear Monseigneur,

After a long wait I was able to ask the Holy Father what had been done with regard to the Society of Saint Pius X and the wider problem of Tradition.

He has confirmed that he had attentively read my long report and the propositions that you had given me.

As usual, he had been very busy with problems of world-wide dimensions. But he has already requested some canonists to suggest juridical forms that could be applied to the Society. He should be able to present some projects for this and for the doctrinal problems before the end of April.

He has asked me to give you this assurance and to invite you to patience18 He would also like you to request your collaborators to have a great discretion in public declarations, indeed those who do not desire the reconciliation are happy to take advantage of the least thing to raise up opposition.

No need to tell you how much I am near you, especially in prayer. May the Holy Virgin keep you in good health even long after this difficult period of a search for a solution.

Fraternally yours in Jesus and Mary,

Edward Cardinal Gagnon
President of the Pontifical Council for the Family


18. Patience, yes; interminable delays, no. They wanted to postpone a solution until Arch¬bishop Lefebvre would be dead.

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