Newsletter of the District of Asia

 July - December 2006

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Baptism of ‘Mary Magdalene’
Singapore, August 22, 2006

Adult baptism


Assisted by Fr. Joe Pfeiffer (left) and Fr. D. Couture (right).....
inserting the relics of Martyrs   sealing the reliquary
Bishop Williamson inserts the relics of Martyrs
and seals the reliquary...

for the altar of Jaro church, Philippines, Sept. 22, 2006

The solemn signing of the Matins of the Martyrs
on the eve of the consecration of Jaro church. (Sept. 22)

The marking of the Greek and Latin alphabet on the floor of the church,
expressing that Our Lord is the Alpha and the Omega,
and that the house of God is indeed where one learns the Truth of God. (Sept. 23)

consecration of the twelve crosses

The consecration of the twelve crosses on the wall of the church (Sept. 23)

Newly baptised ‘Mary Jennifer’
rejoicing at the feet of her Heavenly Mother. (Sept. 12)

Christ the King Procession
Wanganui, New Zealand


First public procession
of the Blessed Sacrament
for the feast of Christ the King. (Oct. 29)

Tthe traditional teaching Dominican Sisters
of Wanganui.


The Children of Mary.

The second Altar of Repose

Solemn installation of the statue of St Josephstatue of St Joseph

Paita, New Caledonia: Solemn installation of the
statue of St Joseph on the SSPX property (Nov. 5)

temporary shrine to St Joseph

May St Joseph bring back the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to New Caledonia!

First Communicants

The radiant First Communicants of All Saints Day


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