Religious Communities for Women
Chapter 6:


Oratio, Amor, Submissio, Immolatio, Silentium


Rev. Father Pedro de Muñoz is the founder and still the present chaplain of OASIS. He is the former Vicar of the Parish of St. Felix of Barcelona, Spain, and was ordained in 1952 at the 35th International Eucharistic Congress.


OASIS began as a Pious Union approved by the late Bishop Gregorio Modrego in 1965.  Later it became a Congregation following the contemplative life, as an oasis of peace and silence in the midst of the world today.  The new Constitutions were approved by Archbishop Lefebvre in 1986.

The Taking of the Habit


OASIS has only one purpose, exclusively sacerdotal: to bring as many holy priests as possible to God, by offering one’s life for the sanctification of these consecrated souls according to the spirit of OASIS.  The motto is expressed in the words of Our Lord: “...for them I sanctify myself”. (John 17, 19)


The Spirit of OASIS is based on that of St. Francis de Sales, giving more importance to the practice of interior virtues such as obedience, silence, humility, without neglecting the value of external mortification.  This is expressed in the word “OASIS”.

O (Oratio) – PRAYER: There are two hours of mental prayer daily.  In addition there is the recitation of the Breviary (excluding Matins), the Holy Rosary and vocal prayers.

A (Amor) – LOVE: A total giving of one’s self in strict cloister.  A very special love for Mary.  Love for all priests – it is a life of love!

S (Submissio) – SUBMISSION: Life of perfect obedience, totally giving up of one’s own will, practicing humility, the virtue which characterizes OASIS.

I (Immolatio) – IMMOLATION: This love leads to sacrifice one’s life for priest, immolating oneself day by day in the accomplishment of duty and hidden from the eyes of the world.

S (Silentium) – SILENCE: Silence is kept the whole day except for the two periods of recreation- after the midday meal and after dinner. There is no evening recreation during Advent and Lent.

Community Recreation

Conditions of Entry

Any young aspirant possessing normal health can lead the life of OASIS, which is simple and balanced.  The age of entry is between 18 and 35 years old. It is necessary to have a docile and joyful character with a great desire for holiness; and thus are excluded those of a melancholic and neurotic disposition.  A basic standard of education is also required. God could sanctify the world without any help, but He wants to accomplish this work with holy souls, especially holy priests.

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