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Plans and Layout of the Church

The aesthetics of the entire church is based upon the “golden number”. It is for this reason that the church in all its parts and details looks so well proportioned. It is a very high-roofed edifice. The reason is not only beauty but also, and more so, for the good rendition of acoustics. For the beauty of Gregorian Chant, this is absolutely necessary. Nevertheless, there is another reason: Temperature! In the Philippines it can become unbearably hot. Heat rises! A high ceiling will prevent a hot-air cushion forming just above your head (which is terrible). The very tops of the windows can be opened, which then allows the escape of the hot air. The middle of the windows cannot be opened! Why? This causes chimney effect. As the air passes over the top from window to opposite window, and aided by the rising of hot air, an air-current is caused sucking the lower cooler air in through the lowest windows




St. Bernard Novitiate

Brgy. Daga, Santa Barbara, Iloilo City,

Philippines 5000

Tel: (63)(033) 3965402

Fr. Coenraad Daniels (Prior)